Business breakfast: Which leadership models for tomorrow’s managers?

During a business breakfast organised on 29th April 2014 at the Club Le Doyen in Paris, ArnavA, (SBT Group), a specialist in assessing managers, presented the results of a study called “Which leadership models for tomorrow’s managers?” ,carried out with the help of senior executives and leaders in in 40 large French and international companies.

To better understand what tomorrow’s company might look like, ArnavA asked the respondents about the changes in their functions, the difficulties that they encounter and their views on possible ways forward. The results showed that new leadership styles are at the heart of a series of intertwined challenges that are economic, societal and cultural. 3 factors have a particular impact on new management practices: new technology, new generations (Y and Z) and CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility..

The conclusions of the study were presented to those present, including a number of journalists, and the event was also the opportunity to discuss best practices and share experiences.

Please contact us if you would like more information on the results of this study.

Quel modèle de leadership pour les managers de demain ?
Michel Noir, Président d’Arnava