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Your needs

Whether the context is one of internal mobility, succession planning or career planning, it’s important to consider a number of differentcareer possibilities (operational, functional, strategic, entrepreneurial…) for your high potential managers, so as to make full use of internal resources as and when opportunities come up.

Our approach and added value

We can build a career planning development centre, for one person or in a group situation, which takes into account the different options that might arise. In this case we ensure that that participants are exposed to a variety of situations, enabling us to identify strong points and development areas for each one. We recommend that a line or HR Manager from the client company participate as an observer, thus bringing the company culture into the process. In the same way the use of external observers also increases the breadth and depth of the pertinence of the observations and the subsequent debate.

Typical deliverables

The deliverables can include a detailed, individual reportbased on the competency grids developed during the preparation phase. Recommendations cover suitability for possible approaches to career development and also areas for and approaches to personal development. There is also a structured feedback session, both to the participant and the client, to ensure understanding and sharing of the conclusions.

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