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Your needs

You want the best from your employees and want to offer them the most appropriate way forward to consolidate their skills, build on areas that need to be improved and lay the foundations for the right career path –which taken together will provide a sense of fulfilment whilst working for your company.

Our approach and added value

The approach that we use can vary depending upon whether the imperative is to improve current performance or help prepare for future demands. We might recommend use of a 360° feedback process, seeking input from colleagues of the person concerned, or if this is not appropriate we would suggest designing a development centre where observers evaluate the behavioural skills of the participant in a number of simulated situations.
In both cases the methodology and tools used enable us to put together an appreciation, to the level of detail you require, of the strong points and the areas where there is scope for improvement, the aim being for the participant to build a development plan based around the areas identified.

Typical deliverables

Deliverables can include individual reports with a recommendation and a detailed analysis of the results of the development centre and suggestions for the development plan. There is also a structured feedback session, both to the participant and the client, to ensure understanding and sharing of the conclusions.

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