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Your needs

In the context both of key current needs and,importantly, to prepare your company for tomorrow’s challenges, you need to identify those with potential and ensure an appropriate career path for them. You may also wish to integrate this process with your existing career planning tools. To do this you need to be able to take a clear “photograph” of current behaviour as a basis upon which to estimate the potential for development and the level of responsibility that your people could effectively and realistically aspire to.

Our approach and added value

After having agreed and validated with you the target level of performance, we design individual or group development centres in order to measure the level of behavioural skills of participants. There are several ways to go further in identifying potential: these could also include a 360° feedback process or an in-depth interview to explore the motivation and the driving forces of the individual.

Typical deliverables

Deliverables can include individual reports with a recommendation and a detailed analysis of the results of the development centre. There is also a structured feedback session, both to the participant and the client, to ensure understanding and sharing of the conclusions.

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