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Your needs

You may have identified the need to reinforce your internal methods to assess and/or select people in order to facilitate an evolution in managerial culture, to reinforce HR skills or to support line managers. To do this effectively,using external consultants could accelerate the process by helping you to introduce evaluation tools designed specifically to meet your needs or by training those who will be responsible for the assessment and/or selection process in specific methodologies in interviewing, observing and the use of psychometric tools.

Our approach and added value

We can provide an estimate of project planning time and cost based on our experience and that of our experts, the use of ArnavA methodology and the appropriate knowledge transfer process.In such situations, as part of our ISO 9001 certification, we ensure that a steering committee provides an effective follow up to our commitment to quality. On a regular basis we also track client satisfaction and ensure that the solutions proposed are running efficiently.

Typical deliverables

Running an assessment centre internally
Training in designing assessment exercises
Preference questionnaire to build up a competency profile
Training HR and/or line managers in assessment techniques
Interview training for managers and/or recruiters
Training internal assessors in competency development skills

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