Our history

In 1991 Jean-Alain Baup created Leroy Challenges, which was initially a subsidiary of the Bossard Group then of the BPI Group. Leroy Challenges became ArnavA in 1998. ArnavA has been part of the SBT Group since 2006.

With significant expertise in evaluating managerial competencies, we help our clients to identify and to develop individuals and teams to lead their business to success. We do this by using assessment and development centre techniques and 360° feedback tools developed by ArnavA and we can also train individuals in client companies to use these techniques.

Our founder built on his experience in recruiting and accompanying senior executives and developed the business in the area of assessing managerial competences. Using both Anglo-Saxon methodology and through development of a number of partnerships with several large French companies and institutions, Jean-Alain Baup developed the approach that makes ArnavA unique: a combination of expert consultant-observers,tried and tested techniques and a rigorous process.

In july 2021, the SBT Group became Humans Matter

Our Principles

Co-design: evaluation devices built for and with the customer

Objectivity: multidisciplinary team + interaction of stakeholders’ perspectives + reference of competences

Variety of devices: hundreds of proprietary scenarios, and dozens of psychometric market tools

Transparency: an explanation to participants of the intentions and modalities of the approach, debriefings to clients and participants, a review shared by all

Development: awareness during the experience that makes individual learning sustainable and beneficial

Expertise: experienced speakers from different environments and backgrounds

Benevolence: a close accompaniment of the participant throughout his journey, especially by the attention paid to the experience of his assessment experience

User Centric: Taking into account the emotional and cognitive needs of the human in the construction of the assessment experience