The Arnava team

Olivier Fronty Président - Consultant
Cédric OhanessianConsultant - Director
Jean GervaisConsultant - Client Director
Dominique IthurbideConsultant - Psychometric expert
Jean-Pascal PapinConsultant - Client Director
Nathalie TripetConsultant - Psychometric expert
Sandrine BelierConsultant
Jean-Paul BourrillonConsultant
Frédérique EscandeConsultant - Psychometric expert
Pascale FouassierConsultant - Psychometric expert
Céline Labaune-NardoneConsultant
Ian McDonaldConsultant
Nathalie RouxConsultant
Samira HaddouchConsultant
Céline BrodesollesFinancial and administrative support
Riadh LebibResearch Scientist & Consultant